Saturday, October 17, 2009

Revolutionary? Best in class?

Revolutionary? Best in class?

It was a very long time since MO's have a report YZ, but we flipped through a new leaf as Yamaha is hitting the market with further industrial disruption. In 2003, MO 449ccYZ450F tested first. Now making headlines again.

A completely new twin-beam frame, is playing the machine design, regulated fuel injection, mass and extreme centralization of the new style, 2010 YZ450F sure to turn heads if it was not a loser into a winner.

"This jump is better than last year YZ, it must be," Webb assured. "This treatment does not even feel like 450. It's closer to 250."

But is it enough to challenge the new KX450F good? In terms of power, Joey said "the Kawasaki still has it beat." But he added that the YZ has advantages in handling and direct way, "feel lighter and more predictable in the corner."

New YZ is available in two colors: Team Yamaha Blue / White for $ 7990 and White / Red combo with the wheels black and gold chain for $ 8090.
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