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250 watt electric hub motor is powered by pedaling with the help of four levels. This allows you to change the number of motors to help give you Bionx and efficient ride in the hills or flat. Super-light lithium-ion battery pack has a 24-volt 20% increase in capacity compared to NiMH batteries and weighs more than three pounds less.
PL250: $ 1690 - free shipping in the continental United States - Order Online

* The Bionx kit includes spoked wheel with motor, console, battery mount with cables, batteries and chargers.
* Wheel sizes: 700c, 26 ", 24", 20 ", 18", all with a standard 135 mm rear drop-outs.
* Gearing easy installation with a threaded free wheel.
* The Bionx system can be installed on a tandem, folding bike or lying; any bicycle with a standard shifting system.
* The Bionx control console includes programmable anti-theft alarm and a thumb throttle for instant acceleration.
* The motor is compatible with Bionx wheel disc brakes or rim.
* Variable-speed thumb throttles Bionx included with all 350 and 500 watts of electric conversion kit.

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