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"Roman Sites & Sahara Raid"
(14 days)

We have extensive experience running Motorcyle tours to Tunisia. We are 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2009 tour was a big success!

22 Oct - 04 Nov 2010
(we have change the date in accordance with the ferry)
£ 1745 motorists driving alone / £ 1190 pillion

Easy to ride the tour with a lot of time to explore and relax.
All up entirely on asphalt roads.
Sport bikes, Tourers, and more suitable for motor Trail
used on tour.

This is a comprehensive tour of Tunisia. We visited the magnificent north & east coast, the mountains along the border of Algeria, and the vast Sahara desert!

14 days to 10 days up TUNISIA
(2 days of rest with an option to ride)

Ride the wave of history on a motorcycle journey through the wonderful exciting North African country Tunisia.

TUNISIA - Adventure motorbiking the best part.

An exceptional country contrasts beautifully with the beach, beaches, mountains, forests, and Sahara; the world's largest desert.

Ride with us on this bike extraordinary journey through Tunisia with mountains, canyons, and desert landscape right.

We visited some of the best in the world's surviving Roman Site (such as the large El Jem Coliseum) and the cities of medieval Islam with their own special atmosphere and magic.

Enroute we visit Berber heart with their hill oasis villages and fortified granaries.

We explore the city an enchanting oasis in the suburbs of northern Sahara is one of the most extensive ancient caravan route which is still used.

We continue north along the edge of the desert near Algeria to the mountains of central Tunisia. Troglodyte Enroute we visit the villages in the middle of a strange landscape of the moon. We climbed the mountain leads us through small villages with fertile and berber palmeries abundance of fresh fruit.

There are a lot of time to relax and explore the many sites of ancient Rome during the tour.


Roman ruins Dougga
The ruins of the Roman Coliseum of El Jem
Sbeitla roman ruins
Fortified Lumbung
Troglodyte Villages
Sahara Desert
Salt Flats
Desert Oasis & Palmaries
Coastal Village Mediterrean
North coast of Tunisia
Mountains along the border of Algeria


Sufaced riding entirely on the road.

A route designed by John Fulton from experience gained during 25 years leading adventure tours in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Morocco.

Our route took in Tunisia's many moods and landscapes, beaches, mountains, and the largest desert in the world - the Sahara.

The Berber people are friendly and the drivers courteous. A quiet street, and generally appeared in good condition. Driving conditions in Tunisia is interesting and challenging because of the varied terrain, dry atmospheric conditions and strong sunlight.

We scheduled an optional holiday along the Mediterranean coast to relax on the beach and / or explore.

The distance varies from 100 miles to 250 miles.

Usual day begins at 8 ride and we reached our goal of about 4.

Website images by John Fulton, Hans-Peter Steiner, & © Alex Gillespie (Photography) Fort William 01397 772 639
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